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[Malcolm's actually using video for once, revealing that the left side of his face is burnt and scarred. And that he's female, but this doesn't seem to be something that bothers him since when he starts speaking, he doesn't sound at all worried, only slightly annoyed.]

It appears that I've lost a few sizes in some places. Would anybody be willing to spare a belt for a short while? I promise to return it when I'm done with it.

[He then hefts up a piece of metal that's shaped to the side of someone's face.]

And on the same subject of losing a few sizes, I also cannot wear this around anymore thanks to this physical transformation. Any suggestions as to what I could use in the meantime? I would really appreciate it.
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[Hello Barge, there is a new Inmate, but unlike most, he's not going to let on that he has no idea where he's at or why he's here instead of on his ship or dead. Instead, he's just going to be calm and collected as he addresses everyone.]

Good afternoon, everyone. My name is Malcolm Reed and I am a new arrival here. I do hope that we will be able to get along. It would be quite a shame otherwise.

[There is a short pause as he seems like he's considering something.]

Not to be a bother, but does anyone have some advice about here that may be helpful to me? If not, I'm sure I can figure things out on my own.
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User Name/Nick: Hawk
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AIM/IM: requicksilvered
Other Characters: Nicholas Rush

I suppose a coup d'etat could be classified as 'trouble' )


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